Jim’s heartfelt farewell to The King of Broken Hearts

George Jones, you were so much a part of my life that its going to be such a different world without you. You were like a comet that was here and changed everything. You were so important to so many. Anybody who heard your amazing voice felt they knew you and oh how you made us feel. You brought a beauty that helped us with the pain of life. Peace and comfort to your family friends and fans. You brought so much soul and beauty to us all. What can we give you back but our gratitude and tears to find you on your journey home? You are The King Of Broken Hearts and our hearts are broken. I’m at a loss for words. You were such a hero to us. Thank You. I Love You –Jim


Posted on April 27th,2013

5 Responses to Jim’s heartfelt farewell to The King of Broken Hearts

  1. Keith French says:

    Jim, nice photo of you with George. I share your feelings, friend.
    K. French

  2. Lynn says:

    I am deeply saddened by George jones passing. I know how much he meant to jim and all those who knew him. I can hear George singing right now. Love Lynn

  3. Larry Harlow says:

    Jim one of my all time favorite songs is the Tavern Choir which you recorded with George Jones who is of course my all time favorite singer.

  4. Connie Anderson says:

    We would love to see the George and Tammy story revived at the Ryman with you playing George again—–what a great tribute this would be.

  5. Debbie Ledbetter says:

    I live in Hendersonville/Flat Rock NC and had the pleasure of seeing “Stand by Your Man” three times while you were at the Flat Rock Playhouse. I loved it so much I also went to Newberry to the Opry House to see it again. I would love to see it again. Any plans of making the tour in the future or has it been put to rest? I feel it would be an awesome tribute to George now also. Your performance of George Jones was right on the money. It was hard to remember that that was you on stage and not George. You nailed it. You have such great talent, I was impressed with the entire cast, but you do shine like the star you are my friend. Keep up the good work.

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